Speaker Date Topic
Dean Lee, CEO Shrine of Remembrance Nov 10, 2020 7:15 PM
The Shrine and Remembrance Day 2020
The Shrine and Remembrance Day 2020
Dean Lee commenced his professional career in 1981 as a National
Park Ranger on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 
In December 2013, he joined the City of Albany to lead development and operations of
the National Anzac Centre and assist in organisation of Centenary of Anzac commemorative
events. Dean was appointed CEO of the Shrine of Remembrance on 13 July 2015.
At the instigation of great Australian, and Rotarian, Sir John Monash, the Shrine of Remambrance is a Melbourne icon, orginally built to mark the sacrifice of those who fell in the Great War . It now represents the sacrifice of many, in many conflicts, that have changed our lives for ever.
For Remembrance Day 2020, come along and hear from Dean Lee on the history, work and significance of The Shrine, and those who to whom it pays tribute.
Annual General Meeting Nov 24, 2020

The club will receive the Annual Report from the Board of Directors and elect office bearers for 2021-2021 at its 45th Annual General Meeting, to be held via Zoom. Zoom details to be mailed to attendees.

Hon. Bronwyn Pike, CEO Uniting Vic Tas Dec 08, 2020 7:15 PM
Uniting Vic Tas
Uniting Vic Tas

Bronwyn Pike is a former minister in the Victorian Government. She has held a variety of Ministerial roles in the Victorian Government, including as Minister for Health in the Bracks Government from 2002 to 2007 and Minister for Eduaction from 2007 to 2010 in the Brumby Governement. Born in Tanunda, South Australia in May 2007 she became the longest serving female minister in Victoria's history. Bronwyn is a lifelong member of the Uniting Church. She has chaired the Boards of Western Heath, the South Australian Urban Renewal Authority (Renewal SA) and UnitingCare Australia and has been a Board member of Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Leap In! and Uniting NSW.ACT. Bronwyn Pike was appointed CEO of Uniting Vic Tas in October 2019/