Volume 49  Number 18                                                                 November 1st 2020
Presidential Musings for the Week
Now there is “Light at the end of the tunnel”.  A very Aussie saying pointing to the fact that the end is in sight.  However, there have been many “bends” in the road.  Ever wondered why road tunnels are not straight?  In a straight tunnel, the driver would be dazzled by the ambient light at the end, but if the tunnel is curved, the light gradually increases.  Maybe, we can liken our recovery to this?  We have been through many bends in the road to get back to normal.
Good to see stores open and people mingling at socially acceptable distances with masks.  The Farmer’s Market this Saturday was a good example of people getting out of the house.  I noted that members have been suitably “shorn”. 
Bernie Farquhar - Update on bushfire recovery in EGippsland
We were pleased to welcome Bernie as our guest speaker last week to provide an update on the bushfire recovery progress in East Gippsland.  Bernie explained that on 31 December 2019 the main front of the bushfire created a plume 12 km high with hot northerly winds fanning the flames.  Around midnight the plume collapsed over the Clifton Creek and Sarsfield areas with other fires moving across East Gippsland devastating property, livestock, housing, wildlife, and fauna as it spread.     As a first and early response the five Rotary Clubs in East Gippsland formed the EG Rotary Fire Aid Committee.
Parkinson's Walk  - 27forParkinson's
Whilst the club has done an excellent job in raising funds for the End Polio event, the Community Service Committee is seeking member support for the 27for Parkinson’s event.  The committee of Lyn, Chris, Helena, Alex and Michael has registered with Parkinson’s Victoria under the name the “Glenferrie Walkers".  Donations can be made to the attached
link. Glenferrie Walkers

The club has supported Parkinson’s Victoria for many years with the manning of the BBQ at Federation Square, this year the annual “Walk in the Park” was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this major fund raiser for Parkinson's Victoria has hurt them financially, and their services that they offer to Parkinson’s sufferers.
End Polio Results
I am so proud to advise that the Rotary Walk With Us campaign to End Polio Now has raised a staggering $103,400-plus Australia-wide to which District 9800 contributed approximately $76,000 (as at 29th October). This is a remarkable effort, and I want to thank and congratulate all who participated. This is once again a testament to what can be achieved when Rotarians get together—we truly are ‘People of Action’!
This Prominant Rotarian was Finger Licken Good
Harland (Colonel) Sanders became an active Rotarian in 1919 when he became a founding member of the Rotary Club of Jacksonville, Indiana at the age of 29.  After that he joined the Rotary Club of Corbin, Kentucky and then the Rotary Club of Shelbyville, Kentucky, where he was an active member until his death in 1980.  You will notice his Rotary Pin and it is believed that he wore his pin every day. The 'Colonel' Harland Sanders, Rotary Club of Jeffersonville, better known as the Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
Boroondara Farmer's Market History
With many consumers asking where their food is sourced in a quest to buy fresh, sustainably produced goods, the Farmers’ Market movement has been readily accepted in meeting this need.
When the City of Boroondara sought expressions of interest from Rotary in 2003 to manage a Farmers’ Market, the Rotary Club of Glenferrie rose to the challenge.  Under the leadership of now Honorary Member, Geoff Wood, the club established the Boroondara Farmers’ Market held on the third and fifth Saturday morning each month at Patterson Reserve in East Hawthorn.
In its 17 years of operation, the market has contributed to the community in a variety of ways.  The suppliers have a ready market for a huge range of fresh produce straight from the grower, as well as many valued added products such as wine, chocolate and liquorice.
International Fellowship of Bird Watching Rotarians
Rotarians are flocking together under this Fellowship, sharing their passion for bird life throughout the world. Commencing in 1991, during the Rotary International Convention in Mexico City, when a group of enthusiastic bird watchers took a bird walk near the convention site.  Since then the Fellowship has continued to meet annually.  With binoculars and guidebooks in hand, they share their enthusiasm for spotting the local birdlife by setting out the day after the convention in areas surrounding the host city.
The Bird Watching Fellowship has observed bird life in places such as the coastal cliffs near Glasgow;
November is Rotary Foundation Month
Rotary in Harmony - Jazz
Planning for Success & Environmental Sustainability
If interested click Environmental Sustainability
Nov 10, 2020 7:15 PM
The Shrine and Remembrance Day 2020
The Shrine and Remembrance Day 2020
Dean Lee commenced his professional career in 1981 as a National
Park Ranger on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 
In December 2013, he joined the City of Albany to lead development and operations of
the National Anzac Centre and assist in organisation of Centenary of Anzac commemorative
events. Dean was appointed CEO of the Shrine of Remembrance on 13 July 2015.
At the instigation of great Australian, and Rotarian, Sir John Monash, the Shrine of Remambrance is a Melbourne icon, orginally built to mark the sacrifice of those who fell in the Great War . It now represents the sacrifice of many, in many conflicts, that have changed our lives for ever.
For Remembrance Day 2020, come along and hear from Dean Lee on the history, work and significance of The Shrine, and those who to whom it pays tribute.
Nov 24, 2020
Dec 08, 2020 7:15 PM
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