Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Now there is “Light at the end of the tunnel”.  A very Aussie saying pointing to the fact that the end is in sight.  However, there have been many “bends” in the road.  Ever wondered why road tunnels are not straight?  In a straight tunnel, the driver would be dazzled by the ambient light at the end, but if the tunnel is curved, the light gradually increases.  Maybe, we can liken our recovery to this?  We have been through many bends in the road to get back to normal.
Good to see stores open and people mingling at socially acceptable distances with masks.  The Farmer’s Market this Saturday was a good example of people getting out of the house.  I noted that members have been suitably “shorn”. 
There is no obvious timeline to where we will be meeting normally for some time.  I expect that we will be on zoom for the rest of the year.  I am still hoping for a “Christmas in the Park” event on Dec 15th.  This may be a combined “picnic” with Hawthorn Rotary, but depends on the rules for social engagement in December.
So, what is happening round the club?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Chair - DG Philip has requested that the roles of Environmental Sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chairs be incorporated into our clubs.  These two roles will be vitally important programs in the coming years, and it is important to have a spokesperson to be able to connect and communicate with those people within our club.
We are lucky to have Andrea Kimler who has taken on the Environmental Sustainability Chair.  I am on the lookout for one of our members to take on the exciting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair.

27ForParkisons’s Walk - COVID lockdown has changed the many ways we support our various charities.  A good example is this Parkinson's walk.  Please support the “Glenferrie Walkers” consisting of Chris, Helena, Michael, Alex and Lyn from the Community Services. They are going to walk 27 days starting 1st of November.  Our club has supported Parkinson’s Australia for many years.  Indeed, some of our members have been stricken with this disease.  See in the Bulletin for further details.

Polio Walk – The Glenferrie Grinners have been out and about walking to raise money for this premiere Rotary International cause.  I believe a handsome amount has been raised.  

Oct 27 Speaker – Bernie Farquhar – I listened to Bernie’s straight forward talk with great admiration for his involvement in Rotary and the community in the ongoing re-establishing of the bushfire affected communities.  I felt very proud to be involved in an organisation that produces such humble and “below the radar” work, which is so typical of a good Rotarian.  Thanks to Thelma’s connections and Don Heath’s work, we have had work parties down in Gippsland.  Please watch out, since our club hopes to go back – not only to see how our newfound friends are coping, but to run more working bees down there.

Remembrance Day – We have Dean Lee, CEO of the Shrine of Remembrance to talk to us on the eve of Remembrance Day.  I have tried unsuccessfully to bring other clubs into this as a cluster event to mark this special day.  So please turn up to support our club remembrance.
Do we have a Past President who would be a great District Governor?  There is a  call for nominations for the year 2023 -2024.  Our club would be honoured to support any people interested.  There has been a call for past presidents to be on the nominating committee.  See me for details.

Area of Service – Youth.  I would appreciate if members would consider taking on the role of Youth Director for the upcoming year.  The AGM is coming up this month and I am yet to fill this position.  It is difficult to chat to people about this when not in person.  Please let me know.  You can ask Teresa or Matt Fitton for a summary and you will have the envious position of being on my Board for 2021-2022. 
President Mark Ellis