Posted by Michael Berry
Whilst the club has done an excellent job in raising funds for the End Polio event, the Community Service Committee is seeking member support for the 27for Parkinson’s event.  The committee of Lyn, Chris, Helena, Alex and Michael has registered with Parkinson’s Victoria under the name the “Glenferrie Walkers".  Donations can be made to the attached
link. Glenferrie Walkers

The club has supported Parkinson’s Victoria for many years with the manning of the BBQ at Federation Square, this year the annual “Walk in the Park” was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this major fund raiser for Parkinson's Victoria has hurt them financially, and their services that they offer to Parkinson’s sufferers.
Parkinson's Victoria recognises the strong support our club has given over many years, and will ask us again next year to run the BBQ.  This is a significant Community Service project so we do ask for your support.  The 5 Glenferrie Walkers have agreed to walk on 27 days during November, you can nominate who you are supporting or simply give a donation to the Glenferrie Walkers. 
Currently there are an estimated 27,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Victoria, as yet with no cure for this degenerative neurological disease.  For our newer members they may not be aware that this diseases has impacted on a number of members of our club.
Don't forget to Donate by clicking on Glenferrie Walkers