Volume 49  Number 13                                                                  September 27th 2020
Presidential Musings for the Week
“Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great, because greatness is determined by service”.  What terrific words from Martin Luther King, which characterises a Rotarian well.  Thank you to Rotary International Director Nominee Jessie Harman for her mentioning this quote in her inspirational address at the recent Zone 8 Rotary International Conference held last weekend.  Also, “If you want to live in a good society, you have to build it”.  
If I quote correctly from our Rotary International President nominee Jennifer Jones.  As also pointed out by Jennifer, Rotary can give benefits to the individual in developing their interpersonal skills, leadership, education, experience in governance and cultural matters.  This was a thought provoking conference.  You can only be amazed at the wealth of achievements from small to large projects.  Also, the International nature of Rotary.
Andrea Kimler - Member Behind The Badge
Last Tuesday we were privileged to have Dr Andrea Kimler as our guest speaker.  It is always good to have one of our own newer members give us their “Member behind the Badge” story.  It is an opportunity to learn a bit more about their background, vocation and special interests.  Andrea is a Veterinarian, Environmentalist and very much a free spirit.
Club's Rotary 100 Project Takes Shape
Things have been progressing at quite a pace with the club's project to mark the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand.  The layout for the playground at Yarra Bank Reserve is almost finalised, as is the design for the unique Rotary interactive sculpture.
Over the next weeks articles will appear in this Bulletin detailing the comprehensive community engagement plans that are being put together by the consortium of Boroondara clubs engaged in the project.  In the meantime, to take a look at the latest design and to read the page now set up on the City of Boroondara website for the playground, please click on this link.
Where are the Glenferrie Grinners?
"Not that I am competitive but I see I am winning ..." so wrote our esteemed Club Secretary in an email on Thursday morning.  So the race is on!!  As at time of publication, our Glenferrie Grinners Team is getting close to its goal of $1,500 - as at Sunday 4:30pm. we were $9.00 ahead of Hawthorn Rotary.  So register, sponsor, support us to Walk With Us for Those Who Can't!!
Why it's important that you Like Us on Facebook!
At our recent strategic planning workshops, members made it very clear that the number one priority for the club is to publicise far and wide the good work of Rotary and the club, with an emphasis on the impact of that work.  The club's Communication and Public Image Team is doing a great job with regular and informative editions of The Glenferrie Rotarian, a much revamped club website, more regular and topical postings on Facebook, and a number of articles this year in Rotary Down Under and in the District 9800 Networker. But the help of every member and friend of the club is needed to build on our PR. 
One thing you can do is to keep feeding your Rotary stories to the club's Bulletin Editor, Chris Raw.  Articles in the Bulletin can now be posted simultaneously on the website and on Facebook.  And another very important thing we all should do is to 'Like' the club's Facebook page and the articles that appear.  It is important that you 'Like' the club's Facebook page, and that you 'Like' the postings (even if you don't like them!)
Wine Purchase Opportunity
An opportunity for all members to have a delivery of wine to their doorstep at this trying time.  If you would like to enjoy a wonderful wine with your meals the following offer should suit.
 It’s a well-aged wine made for easy drinking.
“Warm and inviting; aromas of spice, earth, leather, black olive, savoury meats and chocolate.  The palate shows ripe red berries, plum and blackberry with rounded grippy tannins and lively acidity”.
Food Waste Recycling System 
Both Boroondara and Stonnington Councils use the FOGO food waste recycling system via a kitchen caddy and the green waste bin.
I asked Stonnington Council where to get the compostable bags for the caddy and was told:
You may use either of these bags:
(a) Compost-A-Pak
(b) Maze Products

The Maze bags are also available at Bunnings.  Bags have to be lime green and meet both composting standards.
Rotary in Harmony
It's a Senior Moment when you know who Danny Kaye is but you think Kanye
West is part of a country in Africa.

It's a Senior Moment when you ask your travel agent why they don't have
any travel packages to Ceylon. (And no direct flights to Rhodesia either).

It's a Senior Moment when you  think "WW" means the start of a war, not
an internet address.

Where there is a Will I want to be in it.

If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

They begin the evening news with "Good Evening" then proceed to tell
you why it isn't.

War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Some  theatrical translations;

    -challenging =  dreadful

    -confronting  = leave before interval

    -an inspired production = Director clearly on drugs

    -haunting  = critic had nightmare while asleep.

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind it it does not 
matter." (Mark Twain)
Oct 13, 2020 7:15 PM
The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre
The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre

John Crofts used to work at BHP in Singapore where he was stainless steel materials marketing director. These days however John's talents and passions have led him on a different track. As CEO of the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, he has a very interesting tale to tell about all those wonderful trains that plied Victorian tracks of yesteryear. Whlist still locked down, let's break the shackles for a moment or two and go on a trip down Railway memory lane with John. It's sure to rattle a few memories loose.

Oct 27, 2020 7:15 PM
The Bushfires
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