Posted by Richard Blakeman
At our recent strategic planning workshops, members made it very clear that the number one priority for the club is to publicise far and wide the good work of Rotary and the club, with an emphasis on the impact of that work. The club's Communication and Public Image Team is doing a great job with regular and informative editions of The Glenferrie Rotarian, a much revamped club website, more regular and topical postings on Facebook, and a number of articles this year in Rotary Down Under and in the District 9800 Networker. But the help of every member and friend of the club is needed to build on our PR. 
One thing you can do is to keep feeding your Rotary stories to the club's Bulletin Editor, Chris Raw.  Articles in the Bulletin can now be posted simultaneously on the website and on Facebook.  And another very important thing we all should do is to 'Like' the club's Facebook page and the articles that appear. It is important that you 'Like' the club's Facebook page, and that you 'Like' the postings (even if you don't like them!)
The club Bulletin is a great way of communicating with members and friends of the club, but it has a circulation of only around 100. The club website reaches only those people who look for us. But our Facebook posts are distributed to people who 'Like' us. And the more (or less) you 'Like' the posts, the more (or less) you receive notifications of our posts.
Even better, when you 'Like' a post on Facebook, your friends and contacts receive notification that you have 'Liked' something, and if they click on it and 'Like' it too, they will begin to get notifications. And so it goes, until literally thousands of people get to see our stories. That can lead to what is know as 'Going Viral', an avalanche of club news on Facebook. 
At the moment we have  568 'Followers' on our Facebook page. Sone of our posts have reached many more. But we could and should try to get thousands more. It is literally the best way to reach people - potential new members, even better than newspapers. Just ask the American president! We can expand our reach with your Rotary stories and having you 'Like' the club Facebook page, and regularly 'Like' our postings.
HOW TO.....
It's easy, but first you have to have a Facebook account and be signed into Facebook
1. Access the club's Facebook page:
2. Click on 'Like'
3. Click on 'Follow' and make sure 'Default' is selected
4. But wait, there's more. Don't forget to 'Like' the club's posts regularly when they start appearing in your 'News Feed'
Click on 'Like'. Even better, leave a comment or 'share' the post to your own Facebook page.
5. The way the Facebook algorithm works, the more times you 'like' a posting on a page, the more times Facebook will send you posts from that page. And the more people who 'like' posts on a page, the wider Facebook distributes the posts.
So please help us to get noticed out there.....