Posted by Mark Ellis AM
“Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great, because greatness is determined by service”.  What terrific words from Martin Luther King, which characterises a Rotarian well.  Thank you to Rotary International Director Nominee Jessie Harman for her mentioning this quote in her inspirational address at the recent Zone 8 Rotary International Conference held last weekend.  Also, “If you want to live in a good society, you have to build it”.  
If I quote correctly from our Rotary International President nominee Jennifer Jones.  As also pointed out by Jennifer, Rotary can give benefits to the individual in developing their interpersonal skills, leadership, education, experience in governance and cultural matters.  This was a thought provoking conference.  You can only be amazed at the wealth of achievements from small to large projects.  Also, the International nature of Rotary.
Rotarians are in Rotary because of a strong desire to give back to the community and make our lives matter.  A life of self-pampering and self-indulgence is unfulfilling for us.  People live in society because people by nature are social creatures and they like to socialise.  It is not that we cannot survive as single but living in a society adds value and makes life much more meaningful.  Rather than being a specific vision, or end point, Rotary has a framework that enables us to have the power and ability to go out and “Do Good”. 

So, what can we do - 
On 21 Sept there was International Peace Day and even when we are fraying with the isolation of Covid, there are always people worse off than yourself.  Have a look at this YouTube video below – enough said.  Rotary now has a RAG – for peace.  If there is enough interest, our club could become a peace building club - I can send details.
Quoting from Gabe Hau, RI District 9800 Peacebuilding Committee Chair 2019 -
“The Rotary Action Group for Peace, with Maestro Karim Wasfi, is pleased to present this video to you to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  Maestro Wasfi is currently in Mosel, Iraq, so we are very much thinking of him and of his safety.  We look forward to doing a bigger project with him in the months to come.  Please note that there is no sound in the first 17 seconds.
The week that was - 
Our club had quite a week with the Special General Meeting and our General meeting with a presentation by our resident vet and environmentalist Andrea Kimler.  At the General Meeting, the past District Governor presented to Thelma as Past President the Rotary Citation with Platinum for 2019-20.  Our club could not have achieved higher with Platinum.  Also, the second year in a row for Citations.
Thank you so much for making sure we had a quorum and the Constitution and Bylaws were passed.  This has been a “labour of love” just to get it done.  Thanks to the committee Don Heath, Carol Benson, Peter Moore and Thelma for all their contributions.  Now we can turn our minds to the biting social issues and cash flow problems coming from our COVID lockdown.
Member behind the badge
We were not disappointed by Andrea.  Using video recordings, we were given a glimpse into her life and interests.  I really enjoy these sessions.  Rotarians are interesting people, who are defined by their service to the community.  So, the future is bright for Andrea taking over the newly formed Environment area of service.
Polio Fundraising Walk
Please don’t forget to join or sponsor our intrepid Glenferrie Grinners.  I am sure a member and or cash influx would make them grin more!!  Bulletin has the details.

Rotary 100 year Project
I want you all to think about how to engage our club and the community in the perceived “spin off” sub-projects that could come from the Playground Project.  Examples to ponder using the concept of our areas of focus are;
  1. Rotary Overseas Recycled Playground Project.  Mark Howlett is already engaged in how we can use the existing playground equipment. (International)
  2. Community Tree Planting.  (Community)
  3. Local School involvement. Peace poles, horticultural events. (Youth)
  4. Historical endeavours both Indigenous and British achievements. (Community)
  5. Local business involvement and Peace Building.  (Vocational)
  6. Ability to attract members via functions there (Membership)
  7. Opportunities for public awareness of Rotary’s Polio and 7 areas of focus (Foundation).
  8. Environment.  Clean up working bees.  (Environment)
Well that is it for another week.  Next Tuesday is a “lay day”.  Keep in touch and stay safe!!