Posted by David Sutherland
Over the years Glenferrie hosted quite a few Exchange Students  — mostly well behaved but a couple were disappointing —- one American girl in particular —- she refused to wear a uniform at Fintona —- she was very  disruptive and the Principal asked us to remove her.  It turned out that her uncle came home from his local Rotary meeting and asked her if she would like a “holiday” in Australia for a year.  I have a feeling ( but can’t really remember if it was her ) but one girl was sent home for poor behaviour.  Another European girl used to slip out of her bedroom window after 'lights out' and go to night clubs.
Another took off without permission and flew to Bali or somewhere like that.  After that all passports were held in trust by the District Officer.
You may have been a member during some of these antics. 
David Sutherland