Posted by Mark Ellis AM
The RoCan RC Williamstown's charity drive has just been completed after 7 days of riding. The ride has been going for many years and it supports Ovarian Cancer research and the set-up of wellness centres in close proximity to the big Melbourne hospitals. These centres are used mainly to provide accommodation for country patients and their families.
Thelma Hutchison, our outstanding RC Glenferrie member has been goading me to join this challenge to ride for years.  There is a short course and a long course, which adds up to 1,000 kilometres. Being a novice to a weeklong event, I chose the short course and so only completed 570 km in that week. Interestingly my butt survived with copious cream rub.
My riding buddy and fellow RC Glenferrie member Thelma had a bad accident on Day 3, which ended up in 2 operations performed at the Albury base Hospital. I got to take off 50 km riding since I accompanied her to the hospital. A riding risk but Thelma hit soft gravel putting her into an impossible spin. I skidded at least 10 feet to avoid her! She courageously turned up at the last dinner to address the throng.
Left without my riding buddy, if was only a matter to time to engage with the other riders, who all have the same Rotarian hospitality attitude.
Lovely bunch of guys and girls providing a tiring but most enjoyable experience. I am told overall we have raised more than $30,000 for Ovarian Cancer and wellness centres.
On Day 5, rain and thunderstorms impeded our progress, so much so that most of us sought the shelter by being picked up. Miserable conditions but mainly only for that day.

The rail trails round Bright, Rutherglen, Albury and Wangaratta are a must to explore!!