Posted by Teresa Liu

Life is full of ends and beginnings, governed by changes. I am now close to the end of my Glenferrie Rotary presidency. That means that a beginning of the next positive change in the club is coming, led by Mark Howlett and his Board. At the end of the of every Rotary year, a club Changeover is held where the outgoing President officially hands the leadership to the incoming President. Yet, the changeover is way more than just a leadership transition.

 Conference Attendees - Mark Ellis, Peter Moore,
Californian Rotarians, Wendy Cross and Anne Cross
The Changeover is held for the enjoyment of all Glenferrie Rotarians. We will celebrate what we have achieved in the past year and acknowledge the value of our members. It is an occasion where the Rotary year transits to the next year.
  • Celebrate Accomplishments - look back on a year of hard work, which all the members can take pride in, not just for the President and the Board.
  • Acknowledge Service - Honour those members who stand out among us. Hard work in service and generous giving should be celebrated, respected and honored.
  • Leadership Transition - An effective succession plan is crucial because Rotary officeholder terms are only for one year. A successful leadership transition can ensure the club's continuity and strengthen the club.
  • Create Hope for the Year Ahead - We need to get excited about new opportunities for service and opportunities to work together for a brighter future.
  • Share Fellowship - Now more than ever, we must stay connected and support each other. We can build a brilliant Rotary Glenferrie, more diverse, equable and inclusive.
RC Glenferrie Changeover 2023 will be on 20 June at KLTC. My fellow Rotarians, please join me for this celebration and book your Changeover ticket now.

President Teresa