Posted by Elizabeth Dumonic
Last week we dedicated our night to celebrate what makes Rotary a reality. It was a time to focus our attention on 'spreading the word' about Rotary, helping our community and making a difference in the world. 
I would like to personally thank all our special guests who came along and watched our presentation and took part in the process of inducting our New member to Rotary Simon Messenger to our club. 
We are offering all our guests an opportunity to be involved in the projects and causes that matter to you. We want to give you a chance to take leadership and offer them ownership of these initiatives. Our club members are more likely to give all in the service of a cause they care for. Sometimes, we have the same people who run a particular event every year and as a result members think they can't get involved.  Simply rotating co-chairs every year gives everyone a chance to participate and get involved. 
Over the next couple of days, I will be contacting our potential members to arrange a suitable time to meet again with either Thelma, Richard or myself after Easter, to talk about the next steps and the process of becoming a member of Glenferrie Rotary.