The club's annual project in support of Parkinson's Victoria has been in hibernation for the past two years, thanks to Covid-19, Lockdowns and Social Distancing. But on Sunday March 27th on a glorious autumn day, the sausages and onions were sizzling again, to the obvious joy of Melburnians at Fed Square. The Annual Parkinson's Victoria A Walk in the Park event is the major fundraising effort for Parkinson's Victoria.
Master Chef PP John Hudson, left ably assisted by (from left to right) Trish Ritman, David Pisterman (RC Hawthorn) , Oxana Belyaeva, PP Michael Berry, Joanne Shentu, Garfield Lee and Amelia Anderson
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For many years now the club has been running the Charity BBQ on the Flinders Street border of Federation Square. Always immensely popular, this year's event was no exception, with a steady stream of hungry walkers (and a strangely steady stream of Richmond supporters passing by on their way to the MCG!).
A huge THANK YOU! to organiser PP Michael Berry and everyone who was able to volunteer to help out at the BBQ on the day. Every sausage, loaf of bread and bag of onions was gone by the end of the day. Now that's a sizzling success by anyone's measure!

Parkinson's Walk Charity BBQ 2022

Joanne Shentu and Amelia Anderson under siege from hungry customers
The BBQ was busy all day with a steady stream of sausage sizzle devotees. 
Can I have one with the lot and extra onions please
It was getting quite hot, but with all the sausages, all the bread and all the onions gone, the last shift shut up shop. From left to right, PP Richard Blakeman, Club Secretary Peter Moore, Joanne Shentu, Kathryn Blakeman, Garfield Lee, Michael Hills, Amelia Anderson and Paul Shekleton