Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town these days, as actors go on strike because screenwriting might be done by computers in the future. Governments worry because AI might be used to confuse an electorate and end up electing a fictitious candidate, or worse a real candidate totally unfit for the role. Doctors might become extinct as AI diagnoses disease and prescribes a course of medication. What's the world coming to?
Well that's not what this seminar is about. This seminar is part of Rotary's commitment to continued member skill development, confronting a changing world, when computers will do more than just respond to commands, they will make the commands in the first place. That world is now upon us. So what is ChatGP, and why might it make your Bulletin Editor redundant? Can you use this to advantage in your business/project/organisational role? Come along to this seminar and find out about the brave new world we are dealing with.  Click on the image below to register.  Dates are August 15th 7pm - 9pm or August 27th 12pm - 2pm.