Posted by Geoff Widmer
RIMERN has suddenly been advised of the opportunity to clear out the households (bedding, TVs kitchen goods, coffee tables and lounges and chairs) from Mount Aitken Conference Centre, which is now in receivership. RIMERN needs volunteers to assist removing these goods from the Centre to the RIMERN Warehouse on 32-34 Lincoln Street, East Brunswick, VIC 3057. RIMERN has rented a large van to collect large household items but there are sufficient ‘small’ items involved with this job – lamps, kettles, TVs etc. that could be handled in smaller vehicles rather than the truck.
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How to Volunteer?
If you can assist and volunteer in this opportunity to secure large supplies for RIMERN, please contact David Gorman by email on and
He will confirm your preferred timing and give exact location details.
  1. Timing:  From Thursday 15th September until Monday 18th September.
          Provide some of your time during this weekend window with a fellow Glenferrie Rotarian.
  1. Venue and Location

    Mount Aitken Conference Centre
    It is off Mickleham Rd Greenvale-Yuroke. Exact details will be provided to those who respond positively but can be found on google maps using the name.
Any queries, please contact either Geoff Widmer (0419310601) or Alex Marshall (0407302494)