Posted by Mark Howlett
While student support continues, because of Covid we are waiting to commence three important projects:
- a partnership with Vietnam National University to assess water (quality and quantities) for the five communities now being supported by District 9800 Rotary clubs.
- an infant dental project with dentists from Melbourne applying fluoride paste on young children's teeth and training clinic staff, teachers and parents for sustainability.
- eye-screening in the five communities. Our partners, Optometry Vietnam, are the leading trainers of optometrists.
Universities have agreed pro bono assistance for the water and optometry projects.
Our Rotary counterparts are being cautious until they are confident that it is safe to implement the projects.
For those who missed the news, two Rotary Clubs were chartered in Vietnam this year, the first in almost 50 years!
Thank you RCNB members and friends for continuing to support needy students. Scholarships give hope to young people for better lives. Three especially needy children remain that still require sponsors - if you are able to help, please contact Rowan McClean.
Mark Howlett
International Director