Posted by Alex Marshall
This is to notify you that these are activities which will involve Club members during the next few weeks.
1. Bread Run: this activity started last week and will continue during the year. Many thanks to those who have already signed up. To sign up for the Bread Run click here
2. Clean Up Australia: our Rotary Club cleanup of Patterson Reserve and surrounding streets will be on Sunday 26th February at 9.30am followed by a BBQ. This is a week earlier than the officially gazetted day. Please save the date. It is possible to sign up under the Rosters tab on the Club website: Click here for direct access to the Clean Up signup list. It would be marvellous to have a good turnout as the BBQ, in recent years, has been a most convivial occasion.
3. Parkinson’s Walk BBQ: the date for this year’s event is Sunday 26th March and as in previous years we will require 15-20 Club members to run the BBQ which is held in Federation Square. In the past it has been a most enjoyable day. So please consider signing up as a volunteer. Click here to sign up for Parkinson's Walk BBQ 2023.