Posted by Geoff Widmer
Visit to Stavanger International Rotary Club (“SIRC”) and Øyane Rotary (“OR”), Norway in July 2023.
In July 2023, Kay and I had the opportunity to again visit Stavanger, Norway to see family. Although during July, our fellow Norwegian Rotarians were on well-deserved vacation enjoying the long days of summer in their cottages in the Fjords, we had the opportunity meet again with Mr Duncan Samuels, Club Secretary for 23/24 for SIRC (we participated in 2 Club SIRC meetings in November 2022) for a lunch and Mr Geir Owe, President of Øyane Rotary for 23/24, also for lunch.
Duncan Samuels - Club Secretary
23/24 SIRC & Kay Widmer & Geoff Widmer
Geoff & Kay Widmer & Geir Oye
President 23/24 Øyane Rotary
They were memorable visits and we chattered about the challenges of our respective Clubs to expand memberships and take on new projects. Both Stavanger Clubs have about 10 members and recognise the need to attract a diverse and younger group to do their projects. In the case of Øyane Rotary (Club membership in the islands near Stavanger), President Geir Oye took recent control of a Club that was considering closure, but he has reorganised it with about 10 members. He plans to rebuild the membership of the Club on innovative strategies on the businesses and people in the islands around Stavanger. We wish him all the success in that endeavor.
As I mentioned last time, SIRC has an impressive range of activities (past and present) from Cancer research - children and women, skills programs for young people in renovation, community diabetes prevention, low-cost children’s meals in Venezuela and empowering women in rural skills development in dairy farming and garment making…. An impressive list for a small Club. See more at
In the case of Øyane Rotary, their past and present list range from modular housing to Ukraine, Solar Energy, and technology in classrooms. Also, an impressive list for this Club. See more on
We greatly enjoyed our times with both Duncan Samuels and Geir Oye and we hope that we, as a Club, can build on these connections for our respective projects. Visiting with these Clubs makes you realise the power of International Rotary. I personally encourage you, when travelling overseas, to take the time to make the connection with a Rotary Club… you will be guaranteed a warm and friendly experience, and you will be up lifted by their volunteering and innovative endeavors.
Geoff and Kay Widmer
 September 2023