The prizes just keep getting better and better. A big Thank You! to Nitin Dang and the happy team at Sparklers Car Wash in Blackburn for their generous contribution of  car wash vouchers to the value of $750 as a prize in the club's Lift the Lid raffle. The Raffle is raising funds as part of the Lift the Lid Charity Golf Day being organised by club Director Elizabeth Dumonic. So now, when you win one of those three Mercedes Benz A-Class hatchbacks being offered as 'Hole-in-One' prizes on the day, you won't have to worry about keeping them clean and in showroom condition! As long as you join in the raffle of course!
Nitin Dang of Sparklers Hand Car Wash in Whitehorse Road Blackburn ,pictured here holding the $750 worth of car wash vouchers, one of the amazing prizes in the club's Lift the Lid raffle. Club Director Elizabeth Dumonic collected the vouchers personally, and soon had the happy team down there dancing to the Lift the Lid tune!