Posted by Mark Howlett

Opportunity to sponsor a needy child in Vietnam
Through the RC Glenferrie relationship with the VoThan district of Vietnam and the great work that the associated rotary clubs do supporting this and other districts, there is an opportunity for individual members to support a needy child. Details of the opportunity follow and interested members can contact Mark Howlett for more information.

  • Funds are directed to the most needy children. The children are identified and prioritised by the Education Department and local People’s Committees as being in the most needy of circumstances.
  • It is life-changing.  $520 per annum will ensure that a child currently struggling to get to school will be able to commence an education and obtain a real opportunity to have a better life.
  • Funds management is extremely well controlled. The funds will go fully to support the child and are tightly protected from any possible misappropriation through sound banking arrangements, good Internal systems, the use of food, clothing and book vouchers and the release of very little cash (mainly small allocations of pocket money at TET). The systems have been developed over a long period and are overseen by us.
  • Tax deductibility is available through the Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund if required. The RAWCS website is very easy to navigate for donations (Vietnam Project 71/2009-210) and electronic receipts are issued immediately.

Perhaps consider an option that two or three members could get together to support a child, either from their families or friends or with other club members.