Posted by Rod Smith

On Tuesday evening 27 October last our member Helena Wimpole delivered her presentation on her association with Rotary Overseas Medical Aid For Children (ROMAC), She related to us her experiences in helping bring better prospects to children from developing countries. She found that hosting a child in her home was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Crisma came to stay with Helena with her mother Caroline. Crisma then spent time at Royal Children's Hospital where her medical problems were assessed and corrected.

Helena took in Crisma who was shy, but mostly outgoing. She enjoyed doing different tasks such as shopping, washing, drying dishes and bringing in the laundry. She enjoyed writing, and drawing in her scrapbook. She had some lovely outings ranging from visiting the local cafe (where she had a hot chocolate) and she had a great time when she went to the zoo.

The number and depth of questions from fellow members and guests showed just how impressed and moved they were with what Helena had to share with us,. A very enjoyable and informative evening was had by everyone including myself.

Crisma's Adventures