Posted by Lynette Spencer
Peter spoke to us via zoom on how the program was progressing. There are approximately a half a million people who have fled from Ukraine to Poland. Mainly families of woman and children. Most of them have been traumatized by the war, and many need psychiatric help. Rotary of course can only help by providing them with much needed professional care.

Warsaw Rotary also tries to organise accommodation for the refugees, housing both permanent and temporary accommodation. One man gave his hotel up for accomodation for two weeks. Rotary also tries to find jobs for them. Of course, they must undergo interviews etc., so Rotary steps in and helps with the process. 
 He mentioned that Ukraine has broken away from the Russian Orthodox Church and now have their own Orthodox Church. During Russian occupation, Christianity was subdued, due to Communism being dominant.

Peter told of some heart rendering stories, concerning death, rape and the abandonment of children. Peter was quite emotional as he told these horrific stories. It is wonderful the hope and love that Warsaw Rotary is extending to these people in need.