Posted by Chris Raw
Two students from Loreto, Mandeville Hall came to speak to members on 18th July about their experiences at MUNA. They were Felicia Du and Sophia Hannebery. Lucinda Carr was unable to attend the meeting. Out of 31 teams the team placed in the top 5 which was an excellent effort.
MUNA is a model based on the United Nations Assembly. A team of two Year 11 students would represent different countries. MUNA was held at North Melbourne this year and there were 31 nations represented by students.
President Mark Howlett, Sara Dennis, Chris Raw
Felicia Du, Sophia Hannebery, Katie Macleish
Vi Pham
MUNA had students debating and passing resolutions. Topics included political, economic and social. Also, other areas covered were such things as human rights, health and education etc.

As students were representing countries, they would debate according to the country’s priorities. The Loreto team represented South Africa, so they discussed such things as civil rights. 
Debates included proposals, speeches, and points of order. These debates usually went for 90 minutes each. Rebuttals were common. Blocks were allocated into Russia, Asia, Europe and Africa. The quality of debates was high.
Felicia and Sophia enjoyed speaking and representing South Africa. They enjoyed the weekend, especially meeting students from all over Melbourne. It was an engaging experience that helped them practice their public speaking and researching skills.