During Tuesday's meeting we were treated to an inspiring and professional presentation by Kaye Fallick. We also had the induction of Maria Pantling.

Although Kaye was tempted to give members some insights into David, she largely avoided this topic, and it was made clear that David was not to interrupt! 

Although starting as a fashion designer, Kaye is best known for her role over 20 years as publisher of Your Choices Website for Baby Boomers. She is a writer, commentator and author and spoke to members particularly about “intergenerativity”. We gained an understanding of this term as one in which generations respect one another and are responsible for passing on or paying forward. She gave examples of what her parents had passed on to her; something which had all members thinking of their past. 

In addition to volunteering regularly delivering breakfast in the city, Kaye is involved with “EveryAGE Counts” which seeks to promote and support the rights and respect for older Australians. 

Mark Howlett, Kaye Fallick, President Teresa Liu &
Maria Pantling