Posted by Thelma Hutchison
Isaiah was introduced to the Club by Elizabeth Dumonic and joined in 2021.  He is a remarkable person with an inspiring story.  A former refugee from the Republic of Sierra Leone, Isaiah is now an Australian citizen living in Melbourne. He spent 14 years moving between 5 refugee camps in Guinea and West Africa where peace could never be found. Isaiah played a short video including footage from the refugee camps and his journey to Australia, settling first in Hobart and then Melbourne.  More of his story has been featured in the latest edition of Rotary Down Under.
PP Thelma Hutchison & Speaker Isaiah Lahai 
Isaiah is a strong humanitarian with a special focus on children and elderly people. He sponsors two schools in Sierra Leone – the Aladura Primary School, established in 2013, in his hometown of Buedu, which supports vulnerable children. He also sponsors the Glorious Heritage Academy in the capital of Freetown – allowing nearly 300 students to attend free of charge, as well as paying the wages of 7 teachers each month.
The Aladura Primary School needs maintenance, plus 8 new toilet units for staff and students, fresh drinking water taps connected to the well, solar panels and a range of other requirements. Isaiah has discussed this project with the International Committee and other members of the Club to see where it fits in terms of funding the work required to improve conditions and keep this valuable resource viable.
Aladura Primary School