Posted by Charles Tran
In the heart of Hawthorn, a carefully orchestrated event, the Sierra Leone Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser, unfolded after months of meticulous planning alongside Bunnings. It all began at the crack of dawn, as the team descended upon Coles in Tooronga at 7am, eagerly collecting carts brimming with food and drinks, making numerous trips in preparation for the day ahead. Upon reaching Bunnings, the buzz of activity commenced as the crew orchestrated the setup, firing up the BBQs and delving into food preparations.

Kathryn Blakeman, PP Richard Blakeman &
Alex Marshall
Remarkably, the aroma of sizzling sausages had early birds inquiring by 8am, and the first sizzle of success happened at 8:30am with the sale of our inaugural sausage. As the day progressed, a growing throng of eager patrons lined up at our BBQ stall, demonstrating an insatiable hunger for our mouthwatering offerings. At times, the line grew so long that the pace of purchase exceeded the rate of sausage cooking, resulting in several urgent trips to restock on essentials like sauce and drinks from Coles.
However, as the sun waned on the event, a decline in customers prompted a heartwarming decision by the club to donate the remaining uncooked sausages and bread to the Salvation Army in Camberwell. This act of generosity was coordinated with the invaluable assistance of Alex Marshall.
The culmination of our efforts revealed a substantial achievement, amassing a commendable total of $2917.45 through the sale of sausages and drinks, leaving a surplus of $1917.45 for the project after costs were deducted.
In expressing gratitude, I must acknowledge the remarkable Rotarians whose unwavering support, dedication, and hard work made this day a success:
  • Richard Blakeman
  • Isaiah Lahai
  • Thelma Hutchison
  • Kathryn Blakeman
  • Garfield Lee
  • Joanne Shentu
  • Wendy Cross
  • Paul Shekleton
  • Amelia Anderson
  • Tim Gale
  • Kay Widmer
  • Alex Marshall
A special commendation is due to Paul Shekleton for his extraordinary commitment, working tirelessly across three shifts. Additionally, heartfelt thanks to the Rotarians who not only visited the Bunnings event, but also supported us by purchasing several sausages after their involvement in the Boroondara Farmers Market.
Though our volunteer resources were stretched that day, our dedication to serving the community, both locally and globally, was vividly apparent.

A resounding thank you is owed to Coles Tooronga and Glenferrie and, of course, Bunnings Hawthorn for their unwavering support and indispensable assistance throughout the entire event.
A standing ovation to the Rotary Club of Glenferrie for an exceptional display of community service and culinary expertise.

Amelia Anderson & Paul Shekleton

Isaiah in his element!
Charles Tran
Foundation Director
Sierra Leone Project Committee Member