Education CHANCES is the charity that receives 50% of the net profits from the Boroondara Farmers market.  These funds are used to help provide scholarships to talented secondary and tertiary students who live in Boroondara, or study at a government secondary school or tertiary institute in Boroondara, and who come from a proven low income background.

This year has been more than usually busy for us because of the effects of Covid 19 on family incomes, particularly people who have insecure and poorly paid occupations and/or a single mums.
Some highlights of the year
- Number of Scholarships awarded up 30 to 130
- The amount to be distributed up $42,000 to $176,000
- Received $80,000 in grants from the Commonwealth Government
  • $20,000 towards converting the Education CHANCES application and assessment to on-line, and construction of a tailored contact database to assist with fundraising,
  • $60,000 towards scholarships to be awarded for study in 2021 being the 2nd half of a two year grant of $120,000. (John Hudson helped us considerably via the contact details he was able to supply us with.)
- Successfully introduced the on-line application and assessment process for this year’s applications and completed the construction and testing of the comprehensive database
- Board members and volunteers contributed over $10,000 of Income in Kind towards these two projects
- Have agreed to shift the entry point into the Education CHANCES scheme to students entering year 7 rather than at the end of year 7 as is presently the case. This is intended to apply to applications lodged next year for assistance in 2022.  Schools had been asking us to do this because of the very high costs involved in the year when students move from primary to secondary education.
Education CHANCES greatly appreciates how you have helped us over the years. It’s helping us to keep talented young people in school until the end of year 12 and beyond; something that has significant economic and social benefits.

Let me know if you would like any further information about the program.  The more people know what we do and why, the better our program can be of benefit to the community at large; not just those who receive a scholarship.
Michael Hills
Secretary & Treasurer
Boroondara Cares Foundation