Posted by Mark Howlett

RC Glenferrie continues its involvement with RORP with planning still underway for the recycling of Boroondara playgrounds (its not yet clear if they will be harvested this year?) And the broader RORP program continues in earnest as we can see from the update provided by RORP central attached. RORP Report

If anyone wants to volunteer for playground projects outside our area, please liaise with Mark Howlett.

The RORP Report - August 2021
We welcome the Rotary Clubs of Wyndham and Preston to RORP.  I am hopefulthat these clubs will provide a nucleus for RORP9800 West and 9790 (along with Ivanhoe RCfor 9790)
We do live in a strange world at the moment. As an engineer, I cannot understand the way our State government is dealing with COVID. It seems to me to be totally ignoring the risk vs living balance. A few sayings come to mind:
  • Give me liberty or give me death,
  • Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, and
  • Easier to seek forgiveness than permission.
Anyway, going forward we have a number of playgrounds coming up for harvesting.
We have a few coming up over the next month or so:
  • Glengala Primary School, Sunshine West-23 September
  • Arthur Streeton Reserve, Yallambie9 October
  • Highbury Reserve, Burwood East, 3 November
In particular, we will need a team of about 6 people to pull down Glengala.  We have2 people from Wyndham, myself, and Peter from Preston so far.  We need a few more to help out on this one –it is equivalent to 3 average PG’s.

Our problem at the moment is not supply, but rather destination availability.  COVID is really destabilising the economies of most of our Destination Countries.
Sri Lanka is in a real mess with COVID destroying their economy and their Rotary Clubs’ finances.  Nepal is in better shape but the containers we sent have still to land there and the PGs be distributed.
Don in 9780 has a couple of 20 footers ready to go to the Philippines.  9810 has 10 in stock ready to go somewhere.  Wayne in 9820 has a few in stock and is working on a destination in Africa.
Mark Clemow in South Australia is looking at the Congo in Africa as a destination too.
Don is also working on Uganda which presents its own logistics challenges.
If your club has a project overseas which could use a PG, then let us know!!
OrganisationWe currently have storage yards In Kilysyth South, Geelong, and Mt Martha.Melbourne is a very big city, area wise. Ideally, we would loveto have storage yardsin the north-west and northof Melbourne. Can you help us find a suitable storage yard? If so, let me know.HarvestFeesWhen I took over RORP.Central from Flemington-Kensington, I quickly discovered that the harvest fee model being used had afew issues. Togetherwith Don and Wayne, we worked out a new pricing model that better represented the actual costs involved. (No disrespectto Flemington-Kensington–they did a great job getting RORP up and running. Hindsight isalwaysvery clear)I am pleased to advise that the new pricing structure for Harvest Fees has been accepted by all the key Councils and Suppliers/Contractors. The new fees cover shippingto most destinations,local container handling, minor repairs and spares, and some transport from PG to the yard.COVIDBuilding new playgrounds and removingexisting ones is a permitted activity.Either the Contractor for eachPG or myself on behalf of RORP will issue appropriateWork Permits to cover dismantling andtransportinga PG.