On Thursday 18th January, David Fallick, Paul Shekleton and Geoff Widmer met with RTN. Ananda and Nandini of the Rotary Club of Bengaluru, HSR, Karnataka, India at St Helen’s Café in Hawthorn.
Rotary Bengaluru was chartered on 15th January 2020 from The Rotary Club of Bangalore. It has about 50 members and the majority age is between 45 to 50 years old. Their focus is on child health and polio eradication related activities. They meet every Saturday morning at 7am for an hour of Rotary Business and then breakfast… right priorities!  

David Fallick, RTN Nandini, RTN Ananda
Paul Shekleton & Geoff Widmer exchange club banners
They already have formed a Rotaract Club that is an enthusiastic Youth Club involved in community tree planting, cleaning up plastic waste, blood donation drives and donations of children’s toys and books. Busy members.
Our guests were passionate Rotarians and wanted to make contact with the Rotary Club of Glenferrie starting with an exchange of banners,  as in our photo. RTN. Nandini is a retired kindergarten teacher and her passion for further work in Polio Eradication and child health and education (TEACH), was very evident. RTN Ananda, the current President, is a retired Chief Engineer with Public Transport and supports the leadership of the Bengaluru Club.
These contacts are important to development understanding and fellowship with our global Clubs and you always get new insight for the conversations. David, Paul and myself, welcomed this contact and look forward to keeping in touch  with them in coming years.
Geoff Widmer,
Club Secretary
19th January 2024