Posted by Cheryl Pisterman
The Saturday 20 November's Farmers' Market saw a successful start to the sales of the famous Rotary Cakes and Puddings. Hawthorn Rotary David Pisterman and our treasurer Thelma Hutchison ensured that all visitors and stall holders learned of this quality product from Traditional Foods who have been supporting Rotary for many years. 
Whilst we will be selling the product at the next two Markets with special emphasis on the big one on 18 December, orders can be made via the attached Glenferrie Order Form by clicking on the graphic or Cakes and Puddings.  The form is interactive so complete the details and transfer the money direct to Glenferrie Rotary.  A receipted invoice will be issued and delivery arranged.  The cakes and puddings make great gifts and are great quality.  So don't miss out: get your order to ensure that you receive the product well before Christmas.  In the meantime, your contribution is helping the Rotary Foundation Do Good in the World.
Contact me on if you have any special questions (or if you wish me to complete the order form for you).