Posted by Helena Wimpole
So you can’t meet socially face-to-face during this ongoing COVID pandemic?  But if you are a member of the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship, you can still connect, Tweet or be LinkedIn and enjoy the company of fellow Rotarians; you can share their activities and “Like” their projects.
The Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship is just one of the numerous Rotary International Fellowships that are available for Rotarians and their families to join. These Fellowships are initially established by a particular Rotarian or group of Rotarians, who have a strong personal interest or passion and who would like to share this with other Rotarians worldwide.  There are currently close to 100 Fellowships, but this number varies as new Fellowships are formed and a few discontinue.
The Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF) promotes the safe and effective use of social networking to further Rotary fellowship and service. It is free for all Rotarians and Rotaractors who wish to join. It uses all types of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging and others and Web2.0 sites.  An important focus of the Fellowship is to provide comprehensive education and practical training and support to its members, at all levels of experience, on how to use social networks safely and effectively.
The Fellowship has several projects underway:
  • It maintains a number of collaborative Google Maps, showing the locations of individual Rotary and Rotaract clubs, districts and zones.
  • The “Hug a Club” initiative arose from members offering reciprocal “Likes” on Rotary/Rotaract Facebook pages, to help obtain the total number of “fans” up to the number 25, to enable that page to set up a shorter vanity URL.
  • And the Application Development team is working on a variety of open-source applications, particularly for use within Facebook. 
The ROSNF Fellowship is always open to ideas from its members as social networking continues to evolve.
For more information and to follow how the Fellowship, refer: