Posted by Mark Howlett

On Thursday 28th April, The Rotary Clubs of Glenferrie, Canterbury and Camberwell gathered to harvest and transport the PG from the Richmond Estate.

After working through the morning to dismantle the playground, it became apparent that there were significant difficulties in dismantling all the playground equipment given the advanced state of connection corrosion and the potential to seriously impact on the integrity of a large proportion of the equipment pieces, if we proceeded to the end. To this stage significant hard work had occurred by all that attended and the day before in marking up the equipment.

Therefore, a Rotary Club Cluster decision was made on site to abandon the final dismantling of the PG. It was the right decision but we all felt a level of disappointment at not completing the task.

It was great to see the new faces at the PG Harvesting - Teresa Liu at the “Mark-Up” the day before; Joanne Shentu and Garfield Lee at the PG dismantling . Mark Howlett, Jerzy Ordega and Alex Marshall were there too as well as Bob Lambert and Jeff Speake from Canterbury Rotary.

It was a great team effort with lots of excellent spirit , hardwork and collaboration with the Cluster RCs which has continued to growth of our joint involvements.

Many thanks for all the effort . We “lost this one” but we have learnt important lessons and skills for future RORP Harvesting activities which we will do with renewed enthusiasm.


Mark Howlett and Geoffrey Widmer, RORP Organisers.