Rotarians from the Rotary clubs of Glenferrie, Hawthorn and Canterbury combined to harvest the playground at Victoria Park Kew on February 15th 2022. The recycled equipment is destined for a children's play area somewhere in Fiji.
This week Glenferrie Rotary, along with Hawthorn and Canterbury Rotary Clubs, successfully removed the Victoria Park North Playground in Kew on Tuesday 15th February.
I wish to thank our Rotary Team of Mark Howlett for organising the “ Mark-Up” of the Equipment on Thursday 10th February in preparation for the playground dismantling. This session is critical so that the recipients have a “road-map” on which to follow to re-assemble the playground  again when it gets to its new owners. The documentation was provided by Bob Allardice Project Co-Ordinator, RORP, Districts 9810, 9800 & 9790.
On Tuesday 15th the “Am Crew” of Peter Moore, Don Smith, and Jerzey Ordega enthusiastically  dismantled the playground and the “ PM Crew” of Cheryl Pisterman and  Paul Shekleton that took the equipment to Kilsyth to unload and skilfully stack it for later movement to Fiji; great team effort and thanks to all for being there to do this work.
An important aspect of this event was that it was a Cluster Event with 2 other Rotary Clubs - Hawthorn (Denbigh Richards) and Canterbury (Bob Lambert) who at very short notice enthusiastically assisted us in the “ Mark-Up” of the playground equipment and also “rounded up” 4 fellow Rotarians from their Clubs to work with the “AM Crew”. It all worked very well and new friendships were made and old ones renewed within the Rotary family. It has created the platform for co-operating on further RORP events.
Also want to acknowledge  Simon from Warrandale Contractors, who provided excellent co-ordination and supervision to get the removal done safely and quickly.
 Geoffrey Widmer