Posted by Mark Howlett
Club members are invited to volunteer to assist with the loading of dismantled playgrounds as part of the RORP (Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds) project. The loading will be led by Bob Allardice from Nunawading club but will be attended by members from a number of clubs. 2 volunteers (or more) would be welcome from Glenferrie.
The activity involves carefully loading pieces (most are not heavy and there are also light duties required) of playgrounds into a 40 ft shipping container and is expected to take from 8am to 2 pm. It is not essential for vols to attend the full day; could be half day or whatever time is available.
The loading will take place at:
6 Cloverlea Drive, Kilsyth South
Thursday 24th November
If able to help, please advise Mark Howlett on 0418391401 for coordination.