Posted by Geoff Widmer
Rotary Glenferrie is an active member of the RIMERN group ( Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network). RIMERN collects and distributes household goods ( bedding, tables, kitchenware, white goods, appliances) for individuals and families in need.
A critical need for RIMERN is to purchase a commercial Van to give them the capability and flexibility to collect households goods offered. They need to raise funds to buy the Commercial Van and have organised an online WINE FUND RAISER through an established “on-line” company called Prospect Wines, with the  wines selected by Peter Fergusson whom many of you will know from his Fergusson Wines (Dixons Creek) days. Peter is still a wine  consultant, so they have quality in mind here in selecting the wines for us.
To purchase these excellent wines: Click here
To raise funds they have a provided a novel label called “ Van Rouge and Van Blanc” for the association with our Commercial Van … a catching marketing of the offer.

By purchasing wine for RIMERN with this offer, Prospect Wines will donate $40 per case of 12 wines purchased, to the fund for the Van purchase. For the 50 + Glenferrie Rotarians, if we purchased a case each over time, we would donate $2000 to the Van purchase. So here is the challenge for us Glenferrie Rotarians! Also this way, RIMERN will demonstrate to the District that we will likely qualify for  District Matching Grant funds. It is a great joint Rotary activity.
  1. You can access this on this VAN WINE FUND RAISER by going to the link is
  2. Ordering is easy via weblink and there is about $9 charge per order within Victoria/Australia, except NT.
  3. This offer is open for the next 2 to 3 months to order. Why not buy now and tipple….so if you like the “Van Rouge or the  Van Blanc”, you can always buy some more.
  4. I have placed an order for the Van Rouge ( Shiraz from SA) and can attest it is an easy website to use…..I understand that several other Rotarians ( David and Alex) have  similarly ordered some wine. You should ask what they think!
If you have any queries, please contact either Geoff Widmer or David Fallick.
Signed Dr Alex Marshall, Geoffrey Widmer and David Fallick