Posted by Geoff Widmer

Glenferrie Rotary is a member of the RIMERN group ( Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network). This entity provides a valued service to victims of domestic violence, persons on parole, persons recovering from drug addiction and refugees. This service collects household goods ( bedding, tables, kitchenware, white goods, appliances) for individuals and families in need.

We have a commitment to roster a working group of 4 persons every 3rd Thursday of the month at the warehouse on Moreland Rd in East Brunswick from 10am to 1pm. We have had enthusiastic responses from Club Rotarians since our participation commenced in mid-November 2021 but want to give all members the opportunity to participation in this important service. To volunteer for a shift at RIMERN: Click here for RIMERN Volunteers

We are inviting as many members as possible to sign up for a roster session. The link to the Roster is to click on “Members Resources”/Rosters and navigate down the list to “ RIMERN Roster” and click the date you can come.

Alternatively, you can access the roster via this direct link:  Click here to volunteer for RIMERN

If you have any queries, please contact either Geoff Widmer of David Fallick.

Geoffrey Widmer