Posted by Alex Marshall
During the past 18 months since our Club signed up to be the 14th Club associated with RIMERN, we have had four volunteers attending for half a day per month. Indeed, RIMERN has gone from strength to strength, providing household goods to 250 families since its inception. The co-tenants have moved out and RIMERN now has sole tenancy of the warehouse.  
Anita Morkans, Michael Hills, Alex Marshall
Paul Shekleton & David Fallick
I last attended during November, and the transformation during the past few months has been impressive. The organisation of the warehouse is excellent and an absolute credit to all concerned.
In fact, the project has been so successful that there is a significant shortage of white goods, namely refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers. So please consider donating that old, but still functioning refrigerator if you are planning to upgrade to a new model.
Finally, please consider volunteering if you have some free time. It’s enjoyable, useful and an opportunity to meet other Rotarians.