Posted by Geoff Widmer

Donations to RIMERN by Glenferrie Rotarians………

Glenferrie Rotary is a member of the RIMERN group ( Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network). RIMERN provides a valued service to victims of domestic violence, persons on parole, persons recovering from drug addiction and refugees.

This service collects and distributes household goods (bedding, tables, kitchenware, white goods, appliances) for individuals and families in need. Donated household goods have to be suitable for use in emergency accommodation, so there is a focus to ensure it is “ fit for purpose”; hence the following process….

Glenferrie Rotarians can donate house goods to RIMERN by following the following protocols. If you have goods to donate… no phone calls please but send email to and the volunteer staff at RIMERN will assess the suitability of your goods for their use and organise a collection date. In the email to, please provide the following:

a. Provide your name, email address and mobile.

b. Location of goods to be collected.

c. Brief description of the key goods offered and photos of these key items (some estate goods are not necessarily reusable and need to be reviewed before collection).

d. Critical date to be collected by.

RIMERN staff will quickly respond to your email and organise what they will take and set a mutual time with you to collect it. You can also follow RIMERN on Facebook on

If you have any queries, please contact either Geoff Widmer of David Fallick.


Geoffrey Widmer and David Fallick