Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Has anyone looked up what “zoom” really means?

It can mean “Move or travel very quickly” or “A camera changing focus rapidly to close up” or “(as in prices) rising sharply”.  By the end of this year, it will probably be a new entry into the dictionary as “The only means of communication in 2020!!”.  Some warped minds had a great barnstorming session over the naming of that video link service.  Might be able to put instead of prices – “Tempers rising”!!!!  We are not even able to travel quickly and definitely only within a 5 km limit!!
Well, we have Zoom to thank for assisting to keep our club together.  The food and beverage at our meetings have been second to none.  “None” if I did complain to the chef!!  Also, Zoom might have got it’s name for the ability it gives the voyeur to  “zoom in” and see snip bits into people’s houses and choice of domestic clothing.

There is a lot going on in the Rotary World – enough to keep all the couch potatoes entertained.  Over the weekend just concluded, there was the Zone 8 Virtual Conference on – naturally “Zoom”.  Tuesday is the Breakfast Meeting with Annette Kimmitt speaking.  See the Bulletin elsewhere for details.   
Within our club there are activities to be involved with.
  1. Special General Meeting – 22 Sept at 7.00 pm.  To adopt the new Rotary Constitution and By-Laws.  Please come since I require a quorum of members for this.  The papers have already been distributed.  Check amongst the immense number of emails if you cannot find them.  They are certainly not “Junk”, but I would love to move on.
  2. General Meeting - to follow at about 7.30 pm with Member Behind the Badge – Andrea Kimler speaking.  I find these sessions great.  Rotarians are diverse and interesting.  Everyone has a story and you don’t have to look far to find them.
  3. Wine and Cheese meeting – Held last Tuesday, with fewer participants but a lively discussion.  I do find again how interesting our club members are.  No one would guess that Gary Stoneham is a self-proclaimed “sports tragic” and in spite of not being an Essendon supporter!  Elisabeth Dumonic has an exotic French connection.  It was lovely to meet her son as well. The next session will be between the usual meetings on October 20th.  This informal meeting is an attempt to keep our fellowship together.  Watch – better read - the Bulletin for details.
Finally, and with a huge emphasis - 
  1.  Polio fundraising Walk - Come join PP Thelma and Cheryl in our very own Glenferrie Grinners Team and Walk for Those Who Can't in the month of October.  Let's paint the streets within your 5km area End Polio Red!!.  Everyone is crying out for a “Hands on” activity and this particular one is a “Feet on”.  Our club is a family and we should support the Grinners Team by joining and seeking sponsorship or directly sponsor the team with a donation.  The link is in the Bulletin.
Thank you for all your support.  Those who have promised to fill in the Rotary Youth Declaration form – thanks and please complete your verbal agreements.  Keep safe…