Posted by Mark Ellis AM
“Let’s spread the cheer with sincere aplomb as long as you don’t spread the omicron!!” Play safe.
Yes – It is getting to look like Christmas. We are all looking forward to a break. This is the last bulletin for the year and hopefully we will all come back to participate in our Rotary Club in February with gusto. I wish to acknowledge Chris Raw for her work on our Bulletin, which is a necessity to keep informing our members and Richard Blakeman for all his “behind the scenes work”. He is a recent recipient of the Rotary Foundation District Service Award.
Our Farmer’s Market would have had its traditional BBQ for the stall owners and I thank all who participated on that day. My Grandson’s first birthday party being held at my place, prohibited me from attending.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s Christmas Celebration at the Kooyong Tennis Club. So much to enjoy, particularly the fellowship and the Glenferrie Rotarian Choristers, who will be leading you all in a few Christmas carols for light entertainment. Anyone who wants to be part of the Choristers, we are practicing tonight at 0730 pm at my house. All welcome to come for a short session to prepare.
From the recent Board Meeting and important updates - 
Dinner Fees – After many years. Kooyong Tennis Club is raising it’s meal fee. It has been decided that from Feb 2022, our price to go to the General Meeting will be set at $42.00.
Recognition of traditional owners – Some members have expressed the desire to mention the recognition of the traditional owners in our opening Rotary Salute to all meetings. This has become a standard trend in the introduction to events. Some Rotary clubs have adopted this notion. The Board will investigate the various aspects of this, and no decision will be made unless the club is asked to vote.  
I cannot keep hampering in on this point BUT Please remember that you must book in advance and the staff at Kooyong will be asking you to QR code in and show your certificates. Please book by Monday morning. This gives the Kooyong staff and our Club Director Rod Smith time to prepare enough meals.  
Rotarians are renown for booking late and this is inconsiderate to those who must organise in advance. So, numbers are important. REALLY, there is no better gig than a Rotary General Meeting on a Tuesday night at 0603 to 0700 pm. This is the new norm so come February I hope to see a change in some members’ approach to this.
Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and a safe holiday season.
President Mark