Posted by Mark Ellis AM
The Board met for the last time this year.  Many items were discussed, and decisions were made. I have found it beneficial to have the face to face meetings since I have been able to listen and engage with various members during our General Meetings. I also hope to get our Strategic Action Group going again to implement the Strategic Plan sorted out a year of two ago.
I acknowledge and thank Elizabeth Dumonic and the membership team for all their hard work. In the new year, we will have more inductions. There is great interest in our club, and it is important to present our club as progressive and dynamic.
From the recent Board Meeting - 
Dinner Fees – After many years. Kooyong Tennis Club is raising it’s meal fee. It has been decided that from Feb 2022, our price to go to the Club Meeting will be set at $42.00.
RIMERN – Remember that this provides a good hands on opportunity. Please contact the Community Director Alex Marshall for more information.
Raffle – There has been some disquiet over the raffle. Originally as a door prize there was a bottle of wine to win. With our finances down, a chance for a free meal was the prize for the last couple of years. The Board has decided to bring back the wine as a prize. Teressa Liu has generously offered to supply 3 dozen to get this going again.
Speaker Donation – For some time the speaker has $100 donated to Australian Rotary Health as a thankyou. This has been decided to continue, unless under the discretion of the Chairpersons and Club Director, the $100 will go to the speaker’s charity.
Club Hats – More are to be ordered particularly as part of the induction package to new members. Peter Moore, assisted by Ian Dobson, is looking into this.
Recognition of traditional owners – Some members have expressed the desire to mention the recognition of the traditional owners in our opening Rotary Salute to all meetings. This has become a standard trend in the introduction to events. Some Rotary clubs have adopted this notion. The Board will investigate the various aspects of this, and no decision will be made unless the club is asked to vote. A similar club consultation occurred when we voted to drop mention of the Queen in our Rotary Salute as well as the dropping of our anthem. In my mind I liked singing the anthem, since I got a chance to learn the words!!!
Salvos Bread Run – The Baker’s Delight is under new management, and it has been passed onto me that you need to prove you are from Rotary. Please wear a cap of emblem with Rotary on it.
Christmas Party – Set for Dec 21st Tuesday night on a regular Tuesday and a special price has been negotiated for our event.  If anyone wants to be in the choir to sing a couple of carols, could they contact me soon. I will arrange a practice prior to the day.
Archives - We are in desperate need of storage space for our Archives, which go back to 1975 when our club was founded. If anyone has the facilities to store these, I would appreciate their input. Otherwise, the club will have to rent storage facilities. In 2025, we are 50 years young!!
Please remember that you must book in advance and the staff at Kooyong will be asking you to QR code in and show your certificates. Please book by Monday morning. This gives the Kooyong staff and our Club Director Rod Smith time to prepare enough meals. Rotarians are renown for booking late and this is inconsiderate to those who must organise in advance. So, numbers are important. REALLY, there is no better gig than a Rotary General Meeting on a Tuesday night at 0630 to 0700 pm, especially since we are back to face to face, so I don’t understand the hesitancy of those hanging out to see if they might have something better coming up!!!
"The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire".   Ferdinand Foch.  He must have been a Rotarian!!
President Mark