Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Thanks to Caroline Larwood we were treated to another member behind the badge. So much experience to bring into the club. I was delighted to hear that she loves Rotary and what it offers. Caroline is one to get involved and it is the usual - you get twice out of what you put in. As I pointed out, Caroline has had a great education and work experience n the world, where girls are not allowed or cannot access that privilege.
The Board meeting is coming up on Dec 7th and so please let me know if there is an issue bothering you. I have found that being able to casually talk to members, had given me a sense of what the general members are interested in being implemented.  
Remember that as Margaret Wheatley preaches “Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.”  and “Turning to One Another: Simple conversations to restore hope to the future.” 
Youth Committee – Congratulations to Don Heath and the Youth committee for their successful grant application to assist an underprivileged youth in Year 12 at Swinburne College. They have been granted a District Foundation Grant under the Year 11-12 scholarship program.
Salvos Bread Run – The Baker’s Delight is under new management, and it has been passed onto me that you need to prove you are from Rotary. Please wear a cap of emblem with Rotary on it.
Christmas Party – The year is coming to an end, and we need to plan our Christmas celebration. It is Dec 21st Tuesday night on a regular Tuesday and a special price has been negotiated for our event.  If anyone wants to be in the choir to sing a couple of carols, could they contact me soon. I will arrange a practice prior to the day.

With all the problems in the world, it is good to celebrate the festive session with gusto (and mirth with less egg nog!).  A flyer is being prepared and will be published ASAP.
Please remember that you must book in advance and the staff at Kooyong will be asking you to QR code in and show your certificates. Please book by Monday morning. This gives the Kooyong staff and our Club Director Rod Smith time to prepare enough meals. Rotarians are renown for booking late and this is inconsiderate to those who must organise in advance. So, numbers are important. REALLY, there is no better gig than a Rotary General Meeting on a Tuesday night at 0630 to 0700 pm, especially since we are back to face to face, so I don’t understand the hesitancy of those hanging out to see if they might have something better coming up!!!
President Mark