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A tip for every Rotarian - “Always keep your eyes open.  Keep watching.  Because whatever you can see can inspire you.”  Grace Coddington – ex editor of American Vogue magazine.
So being present at the last Tuesday meeting should not have disappointed those doubled vaxed Rotarians, who turned up to our general meeting featuring the Rotary Foundation with an inspiring speech by PDG Murray Verso, Chairperson of the Rotary Foundation.  It was a great opportunity to induct Charles Tran, Robert Hogan and Elizbeth Dumonic into the Paul Harris Society.  These people have pledged donations for many years.  As both Charles and Rob stated, they know, appreciate and trust where their donations are going to.  The Rotary Foundation being largely volunteer have very low administration costs as pointed out by Murray Verso.
Added to this special night were the inductions of new members Paul Shekleton and Oxana Belyaeva into our family.  We are thrilled to have 3 new members recently join our club (if you consider Amelia Anderson joining us during lockdown).  I am sure you will all warmly welcome them into our family.  
Please remember that you must book in advance and the staff at Kooyong will be asking you to QR code in and show your certificates.
AGM - Please note that the AGM is tomorrow night.  I appreciate if all members can turn up, so a quorum is struck.  The last time the AGM was run was via zoom, so I am hoping I can run one successfully with out taking too much of your time.
100 year Project – At the time of writing these musings, the opening has not happened.  Food for thought next week for me to dwell upon.  Our club acknowledges the long hours of effort put in by Don Moore, Richard Blakeman and Thelma Hutchinson.
Christmas Party – The year is coming to an end, and we need to plan our Christmas celebration.  Rod has booked Dec 21st Tuesday night for our event.  I will be asking for choir practise for interested members.  I would appreciate input to organise this event, please.
Cluster Film Night – Kew RC is working on a cluster film night.  The film is “the Duke”.  However, this film will now have its public release on 31st March.
Hence, the night might be in late February.  Details to be announced alter and proceedings to go to the Rotary Foundation.
Some other events coming up
  1. Annual Paul Harris Breakfast – End Polio 23 November.  Format to be announced.
  2. District Conference – 30/4 – 1/5 2022.  Venue to be announced
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