On last Friday, I had the pleasure of being a Guest Speaker at the 30 year celebration of Glenferrie Probus. RC Glenferrie was involved right from the start in 1991 in setting up the Glenferrie Probus Club INC. Basically, Probus is the next step after Rotary. Probus has over 4,000 worldwide member clubs for retirees and those planning retirement. My parting words could easily be stated about our club. Since our Rotary Club of Glenferrie is evolving in this same situation. We have had to adapt to electronic media. “I see a real challenge to Probus to keep your members mentally and physically active".
This threat to our health and wellbeing will, I am confident, be overcome with thought, planning and a good community will. Quoting from motivational speaker Les Brown – “Life has no limitations; except the ones you make.” I am particularly keen to try and get all our members to be involved and enjoy being in a progressive club like ours.
So, I am looking forward to the challenge of face to face meetings at Kooyong very soon. I am yet to know what Kooyong has planned. The Board meets tonight and there are many issues to discuss. The issue of vaccination certificates and admission rights will be complex issues. I would hope that all our members are now double vaxed and this will prevent possible ugly confrontations that could emerge in our future proceedings. Also looking forward to a couple of inductions of new members since they voted for face to face inductions.  Ghee – I will be a busy boy in November (I hope!!!)
I had a recent cluster meeting and I wish to bring up several items for you notice.
  1. Annual Paul Harris Breakfast – End Polio 23 November. Format to be announced.
  2. District Conference – 30/4 – 1/5 2022. Venue to be announced
  3. Diversity and Equality Workshops – 6 Nov (10.00 am 12.00pm) Trybookings to be announced.
  4. Cluster Film Night – Kew RC is working on a cluster film night in December. The film is “the Duke”. Venue is the Lido. Details to be announced and proceedings to Foundation.
Personal data – Thanks to Richard showing us at the last meeting on how to check personal data. I hope everyone has done that and edited where there are errors.  
Christmas Party – The year is coming to an end, and we need to plan our Christmas celebration. Rod has booked Dec 21st Tuesday night for our event. This will depend on numbers, but we will be more likely to have partners joining us if we go alone. As soon as we can have visitors, I will ask for choir practise. I would appreciate input to organise this event, please.
100 year Project - Note that the Grand Official Opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground is on Nov 21st.  Hopefully all playgrounds will be open so we can celebrate the tremendous amount of work this project has generated. Please watch the Bulletin announcements.
AGM - Please note that the AGM is coming up on November 23rd. 
The Glenferrie Rotary Harriers - We invite you to join the Glenferrie Rotary Harriers, with the aim of being active in some form for the first 27 days of October. Being active may include cycling, running, walking or merely reducing one's consumption of alcohol! So please click on the link to join the group and encourage friends, family and others to be part of the action.
27forParkinson's - Glenferrie Rotary Harriers (27forparkinsons.org.au)
You have a choice to join the team or donate (or both).
November as Foundation Month
We should appreciate what we are all about and our Foundation months speaks for itself. We have a speaker on Nov 16th so be prepared. We should all look at being involved in a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Remembrance Day – Our club will meet hopefully on the Nov 9th and Ted Baillieu will be presenting. This is our proposed first day back to Kooyong, but we are awaiting confirmation.
Bike Group – Our past president Thelma and I have discussed the concept of forming a club bike group to ride maybe Sunday morning and then the essential coffee stop. We could go for an hour or two ride. I thought that we could meet at the corner of Bridge Road and Richmond Boulevard? Please let me know if interested.
Keep well
President Mark