Posted by Mark Ellis AM

“People do not decide to be extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” Sir Edmund Hillary.  
This came to mind listening to last Tuesday’s presentation from Peter and Sharon Crean who are co-founders of BeyondWater. Their extraordinary work is just that – see a problem and fix it. Rarely have I been so impressed. Having been involved in overseas aid work myself, I can appreciate the complexities and magnitude of what they are achieving. Nothing happens overnight. It is hard with many obstacles to overcome.
Nothing much to report on our meeting situation. We are still awaiting to find out when the isolation will lift. All my elective surgery again has been cancelled for the unforeseeable future causing a backlog of disappointed poorly seeing patients. Category 3 means they can wait more than 3 months but easy for the government to say. Having poor vision can lead to falls, major mishaps and car accidents. 

We are hoping to have face to face meetings at Kooyong TC from November onwards. However, there will be a number of limitations and the notion that you must show proof of being fully vaccinated. One might be aware that you can link your vaccination certificate to the QR code. This will probably be the norm. Please be aware that it is not that easy to do. I took 2 hours of going around in circles until I achieved this. The essence is to make sure your MyGov application is linked to your Medicare account. We might be able to set up a tutorial on this for our members in trouble.

Personal data – It has been pointed out to me that some of the information I am supplying is not correct. The data I am using is straight off Club Runner. When Club Runner was set up Richard asked everyone to audit their own data that was entered. To avoid misinformation, could everyone spend some time reviewing their personal data stored within our Club Runner. It might even be a cinch with Club Runner but please check.
Since Kooyong will limit numbers, the Presidents in the cluster have decided to have separate events. Rod has booked Dec 21st Tuesday night for our event. This will depend on numbers, but we will be more likely to have partners joining us if we go alone. Naturally, we will need to be “Double Jabbed”, so I was thinking we could call it the night of “St Jab (instead of St. Nick)”?  We will be able to have a choral group at a suitable distance, so as not to spray over the guests!! I would appreciate input to organise this event, please. Just recently we were quoted $75 a head for a 2 dinner menu. Need feedback please.
100 year Project - Note that the Grand Official Opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground is on Nov 21st. Hopefully all playgrounds will be open so we can celebrate the tremendous amount of work this project has generated. Please watch the Bulletin announcements.

AGM - Please note that the AGM is coming up in late November and the Board is getting ready to proceed with its commitments. The treasurers report for last year was accepted by the board and will be published for the AGM in November. Since the Farmer’s market has been allowed to continue, our finances are healthier than last year. I note that other clubs are still paying for attending the weekly meeting. We have chosen not to do this since we are doing well under the Farmer’s Market, so please be involved.  
The Glenferrie Rotary Harriers -  We invite you to join the Glenferrie Rotary Harriers, with the aim of being active in some form for the first 27 days of October. Being active may include cycling, running, walking or merely reducing one's consumption of alcohol! So please click on the link to join the group and encourage friends, family and others to be part of the action.
You have a choice to join the team or donate (or both).
Keep well.
President Mark