It was good for me to get back to work and a well-entrenched routine that I have followed for years. Patients are a priority, and I must give my expertise to them. So, in the 3 weeks sick leave I felt I was cast adrift and useless. So, I appreciate the angst and concern of all those stuck at home in this seemingly endless lockdown. My mental health did suffer.
“When people don't have a routine or structure to their day it can cause increased stress and anxiety, as well as overwhelming feelings, lack of concentration, and focus." RACHEL GOLDMAN, PHD

Having a regular routine can help you:
  • Lower stress levels
  • Form good daily habits
  • Take better care of your health
  • Feel more productive
  • Feel more focused
So, it is with our club. We have maintained a routine to the best of our endeavours and appreciate that many do not like the electronic formats. We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our world seems to hang onto vaccination rates, daily numbers infected and the fear of being entangled in a Tier 1 site. Conversations are more fixed around these issues and can be used as a conversation starter instead of the old “what’s the weather like”!

The Board meet on the 4th Oct via zoom and discussed the following items.

1.    President Nominee – Mark Howlett has accepted the challenge to lead our club following Teresa Liu’s year of office. I am thrilled for this development. In my view, we are in for some good healthy leadership years under these well respected and capable Rotarians.
2.    RIMERN – The Board has decided to join in this enterprise under the Community umbrella. (Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network). This could provide hands on work for our volunteering as well as the financial assistance. Alex Marshall and possibly David Fallick will become Board Members.
3.   100 year Project - Note that the Grand Official Opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground is on Nov 21st. Hopefully all playgrounds will be open so we can celebrate the tremendous amount of work that this project has generated. Please watch the Bulletin announcements.
4.     "Lift the Lid Golf Day” is going to be May 24th.2022 
5.     AGM - Please note that the AGM is coming up in late November and the Board is getting ready to proceed with its commitments. The treasurer's report for last year was accepted by the board and will be published for the AGM in November. Since the Farmer’s market has been allowed to continue, our finances are healthier than last year. I note that other clubs are still paying for attending the weekly meeting. We have chosen not to do this since we are doing well under the Farmer’s Market, so please be involved.  
6.   The Glenferrie Rotary Harriers -  We invite you to join the Glenferrie Rotary Harriers, with the aim of being active in some form for the first 27 days of October. Being active may include cycling, running, walking or merely reducing one's consumption of alcohol! So please click on the link to join the group and encourage friends, family and others to be part of the action.
You have a choice to join the team or donate (or both).
7.   District Governor Nominating Committee – By 31 October, applications for Past Presidents to be a member of the DG Nominating Committee need to be forwarded to the
 Well – Back to the old routine – Crossed fingers.
President Mark