Posted by Mark Ellis AM

Albert Einstein is quoted “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. My now retired accountant once told me when I was in the process of selling my practice and becoming an associate, that “the surest thing to count on to occur in life is change”. Life as we knew it is not going to be the same for many years. This pandemic is making us adapt to new ways of conducting our club via electronic media or being flexible with club meeting venues. We are intelligent enough to adapt and be flexible for changes brought upon us. I often wonder if we might end up being an “E Club” or a hybrid version of our Rotary E Clubs.
Hence, you will be aware that with present restrictions, Kooyong Tennis Club is not open for future meetings for the time being.  I thank club members for seeking out alternate venues if only to provide a relief from speaking into a computer microphone in our “trackie dacs”.

The Rotary theme this month is “membership”.  Thanks to our Membership Director we are getting many more enquiries, but everyone is keen to come to a club meeting face to face.  I am aware that members are socializing in small numbers, and I encourage all to mix around. As the vaccination numbers increase, our Government will be more inclined to lessen restrictions and I genuinely feel that also with a warmer summer coming on we will be back to an unsteady “normal”.  At least outside gatherings will become more comfortable!

We are continuing our programs as best we can.  The Farmer’s Market is still full steam ahead and we need your assistance in volunteering.  Don’t forget that the Farmer’s Market is a great way to beat the lockdown isolation.  Come down and say “Hello”.
There may be a change of how we roster the Farmer's Market.  It is an acceptance as part of the club to volunteer for duty at the Farmer's Market.  To date, the club runner rostering has been left to those to put their names down.  It is unfair for a few to carry the burden and so a compulsory roster system may have to return like in the good old days.  Our board will be looking at these issues.  In particular, the system has been pared down to make fewer volunteers needed than necessary. Watch this space, since some choose not to participate, they may be compulsory added.
Another lockdown beater is the Salvo’s bread run since it provides social interaction and is an easy way to be involved in our community.
Still in the pipeline there are two major events coming 
The Grand Official Opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground is being postponed to Sunday Sept 12th from August.  Same time, same set up.  Luckily the Mayor and our DG, Dale Hoy can be in attendance for this gala opening.  Again, evidence of flexibility.  Please be aware and we still want a good turn out with volunteers and families on the day. 
October 5th – There will be a larger fundraiser for Lift the Lid, masterminded by our club member Elizabeth Dumonic.  It will be a Kooyong Tennis Club and plans are in the making already.  Elizabeth has the Board’s backing in this adventure.  She has great ideas to compliment this night.  Please support her initiatives and if you want to be involved, contact Elizabeth now.
Be safe and get vaccinated.
President Mark