Posted by Mark Ellis AM

“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.” So, states Roy T. Bennett, author of “ The Light in the Heart”.  We can only hope that our Leaders are doing the right thing and we must adhere to their directions. Hence, another lockdown for Victorians. However, I am in constant contact with my Indonesian colleagues, who are overwhelmed by the delta variant. Claus Bogh’s brother in law in Jakarta has recently died at 45 years of Covid complications. The threat is real. I have heard of many of my friends’ relatives dying of Covid over there. Finally, I am fully vaccinated.

We in Australia are so lucky to be isolated. I do grieve for our young trying to make a buck in this environment of lockdown and decreased opportunities to prosper. The isolated with mental health issues is another issue. Rotary eradicated Polio with vaccinations – this is an example that vaccination is a logical way to go forward. I cannot understand the anti-vaxxers stance against all the medical evidence that vaccinations work. Come summer, I am sure we will emerge from this debacle.
Mark – Get off your soap box!!

The club is under the zoom influence for the time being.  I hope that my second term of office is not hampered too much by these lockdowns, but we are continuing our programs as best we can.  The Farmer’s Market is still full steam ahead and we need your assistance in volunteering.  Also, the Salvo’s bread run is an easy way to be involved in our community.

Still in the pipeline there are two major events coming 

August 8th
 – We need volunteers for this event.  Commencing at noon on August 8th, there will be the grand official opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground by the Mayor of Boroondara Garry Thompson and Rotary District 9800 Governor 2021-2022 Dale Hoy.  We are celebrating the installation of a unique Rotary Interactive Play Sculpture.  This is our Super Cluster achievement to mark the 100 years of Rotary in Australia.  All our 4 clubs will be involved – Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury.  We wish to make it a family day with entertainment for all.

October 5th – There will be a larger fundraiser for Lift the Lid, masterminded by our club member Elizabeth Dumonic.  It will be a Kooyong Tennis Club and plans are in the making already.  Elizabeth has the Board’s backing in this adventure.  She has great ideas to compliment this night.  Please support her initiatives and if you want to be involved, contact Elizabeth now.
Enjoy a couple of days in complete lockdown and hopefully we can finally get back to normal.  
President Mark