Posted by Mark Ellis AM

Last Tuesday was a great night for the Rotary Club of Glenferrie’s Changeover. We beat the lockdown and were able to celebrate the past year in style. Unfortunately, back to Zoom for our next meeting on 20th July.  

We thank Kooyong Tennis Club for use of its newest conference room and the delicious food served. John Hudson is responsible for setting up this great value for money night. Lyn Spencer with her usual decorative flair created a visual spectacular. We had many dignitaries from various Rotary Clubs, past district governors, politicians, Boroondara Councillors and the Mayor of Boroondara, Gary Thompson. As stated, many there were my Rotary heroes.


It also goes to show that a thorough preparation is important.  Charles Tran as MC, Richard Blakeman, Teresa Liu, John Hudson and myself went over the whole schedule on the Sunday prior and thanks to all their input the night went almost to plan finishing as predicted at 0930pm.  Conscious of George Burns’s comments that “the secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible”,  I tried to keep my speeches short.  However, I hope we conveyed how successful the year was. Charles has found himself a new calling as Master of Ceremonies!!

I was delighted to present Paul Harris Recognitions to both Thelma Hutchison and Elizabeth Dumonic.  Dr Claus Bogh of the Sumba Foundation and a Rotarian of the Bali Canggu club had a prerecorded presentation of his PHReocgnition.  The audio visual presentations, orchestrated by Richard Blakeman were impressive, especially the one of Claus’s work, where Richard was able to demonstrate all the activities Claus is up to in Sumba.  Mark Howlett and Elizabeth Dumonic both received Certificates of Appreciation since as new members, they have contributed a lot to our club.  Mark was away but will receive the certificate soon.

Presenting Ian Salek with the Royce Abbey Award gave me a special thrill.  When other Rotarians were told about this pending award, they were all unanimous that he deserved every bit of that award.  This was the first time we have presented it in our club.



Two points I need to clarify is for the night is that 

  1.      I stuffed up and omitted to call up Elizabeth Dumonic as Membership Director.  Totally my omission and I have apologised to Elizabeth.
  2. .    From July 1st Rotary International now has 7 areas of focus (not service).
    1. Promoting Peace
    2. Fighting Disease
    3. Providing Clean Water
    4. Saving Mothers and Children
    5. Supporting Education
    6. Growing Local Communities
    7. Environment.

Andrea Kimler has volunteered to look into this new area of focus and we look forward to her endeavours

Still in the pipeline there are two major events coming 

August 8th – Commencing at noon on August 8th, there will be the grand official opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground by the Mayor of Boroondara Garry Thompson and Rotary District 9800 Governor 2021-2022 Dale Hoy.  We are celebrating the installation of a unique Rotary Interactive Play Sculpture.  This is our Super Cluster achievement to mark the 100 years of Rotary in Australia.  All our 4 clubs will be involved – Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury, plus Balwyn and North Balwyn.  We wish to make it a family day with entertainment for all.

October 5th – There will be a larger fundraiser for Lift the Lid, masterminded by our club member Elizabeth Dumonic.  It will be at Kooyong Tennis Club and plans are in the making already.  Elizabeth has the Board’s backing in this adventure.  Please support her initiatives and if you want to be involved, contact Elizabeth now.

Enjoy a couple of days in complete lockdown and hopefully we can finally get back to normal.  I am now fully vaccinated!!

President Mark