Posted by Mark Ellis AM

“The Rotary Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.  Cheers to a new Rotary Year and another chance for us to get it right” – With apologies to Ophray Winfrey!

Yes – This is my last ‘musings’ for the 2020-1 Rotary Year. There have been a few disappointments but incredible achievements in this difficult year past.  I hope the ‘wisdom’ of our experience over the last year will forge a better year for all of us.

My Sydney mates, who joked at our expense on lockdown, are now experiencing the difficulties us Victorians have been through. We wish them every success in conquering the COVID-19 menace since ‘we are all in this together’.

At the Changeover now in July, I will get my chance to thank everyone. There are quite a few club members, who had made plans in July and now cannot make the new date. A pity since my (in the background) manoeuvres had ensured all recipients of awards would be at the original date. I wish to thank all the Board, especially our Secretary Peter Moore and Treasurer Thelma Hutchison for assisting me in the past year.  Richard Blakeman is a real gem in our ranks and does a lot of work in the background, which only myself as President can appreciate. That goes for our tireless Farmer’s Market duo Ian Salek and Rob Winspear. Also, the dedicated work of Chris Raw to ensure the bulletin always went out. The only disappointment was that I couldn’t fully comply with Rotary International’s directive to ensure everyone had signed the Child protection statement. There are still a few recalcitrant members, who initially promised but have not stuck to their word.

I do appreciate all making the effort to celebrate our past year and NOT ON ZOOM!!  On Tuesday July 13th I will still be assisted by then the Past District Governor Philip Archer. Our beloved Assistant Governor Sandi Fulcher will be attending as well as our new Assistant Governor Ms Lili Teichman.  By the time these musings come out, I will have attended the Kew and Hawthorn Changeovers. Our cluster group will have great leaders for me to work with this year. 

So, we will celebrate the past, but we now look to the future for a productive year.  

Next meeting – I hope to induct several new members, who have “hung out” for a face to face induction. Please come on February  29th to greet our new members.


July 6th First Board meeting.

July13th Changeover. 

July 27th  New member Isaiah Lahai is an amazing person and his member’s moments are definitely a partner’s night. I have read his extensive CV and you will be in rapture with his experiences, which he is bringing to our club.


August 8th – Commencing at noon on August 8th, there will be the grand official opening of the Yarra Bank reserve playground by the Mayor of Boroondara Garry Thompson and Rotary District 9800 Governor 2021-2022 Dale Hoy. We are celebrating the installation of a unique Rotary Interactive Play Sculpture. This is our Super Cluster achievement to mark the 100 years of Rotary in Australia.  All our 4 clubs will be involved – Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury plus North Balwyn.  We wish to make it a family day with entertainment for all.

August 17th - Dr Robert Webster who is the President of the Victorian RSL, will be speaking of his Vietnam experiences. The next day is the anniversary of the battle of Long Tan and is Vietnam Veterans’ Day, so we hope to honour our vets by not forgetting their sacrifices both physical and mental. Our former state premier Ted Baillieu will be in attendance.


October 5th – There will be a larger fundraiser for Lift the Lid, masterminded by our club member Elizabeth Dumonic.  It will be at Kooyong Tennis Club and plans are in the making already. Please support her initiatives and if you want to be involved, contact Elizabeth now.

So, you can see that our club is already poised for a good productive year.  Our club is only as good as our members so come forward and be counted!!

President Mark