Posted by Mark Ellis AM

Rotary Theme  for the month - Fellowship

As the Rotary year is fast coming to a close, we are still under restrictions. We all get a chance in two week’s time to contemplate at the various changeovers on what a year which has been unparalleled in Rotary History.  I am so sorry that the 15th is again on Zoom. I am saving a fortune in dry cleaning.  I read in the local press that we are all dressing down and there is no need to dress up smartly anymore. Pity, since “clothes maketh the man” – However, an expensive suit would be wasted on me anyway!!  I tend to cheapen clothes when I wear them!

The new Rotary year will be interesting with my Leadership coming out from behind the electronic blanket and into the open face to face meetings that we are all longing for.   

 My role will be to motivate everyone within the club.  “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”   (Quote from the tragic Kobe Bryant – American Professional Basketball Player).

My thoughts are that “You only die once but live for every day”.  I am hoping that the upcoming year will be full of inspiration and our club will be able to shake off our shackles to do our voluntary work better in our community.  Hence, making next year a satisfactory one that I can look forward to summarising at the Changeover in 2022.

Nothing new has happened so far. The energy is being directed to the Changeover Celebrations.  We are still hoping to induct our new members before the Rotary Year is up.  We have been assured by Kooyong Tennis Club that we will okay to have our Changeover and I hope we will meet face to face unfettered by government rules on June 22nd.  Incidentally, being close to the shortest day makes no assurance to the long winded speeches that will happen.  Please come to celebrate a year to forget (but not to forget our achievements).



President Mark